Cassette® Relocatable Buildings

Diagnostic Imaging Suite Buildings for MRI, CT, PET/CT and Cath Lab

Relocatable MRI Suite with Caring MR Suite
MRI Suite Design and Construction Cost Savings.

Time is money in any construction project.  Material costs are considered fixed costs based upon a project design.  Labor hours to complete a project are variable costs often viewed through a contractor’s project contingency and change order lens.

Is there an alternative to site-built, mobile or traditional modular MRI suites? A lower cost construction approach that delivers a higher quality, Institutional Type II-A building? A proven MRI suite environment, vendor tested and certified to meet  equipment installation and operational requirements?  An MRI suite design and construction program that offers over-all project speed and simplicity at a fixed price without contingencies? The answer is yes.

The PDC Cassette® and Entrée® were developed to overcome these challenges. The pre-engineered, performance tested, certified Cassette and Entrée are fully manufactured and fully movable fixed-site quality MRI and imaging suite buildings delivered on site within 12 weeks, installed in 2 days and patient ready in 3 weeks.

Temporary or Permanent Suite Buildings for MRI, CT, PET/CT +

PDC Cassette and Entrée are USA trademarked, Institutional Type II-A, Seismic “E”, engineering enhanced buildings.  They attach to an existing facility or function as a free-standing, permanent or temporary imaging clinic. The PDC “LEAN” manufacturing process in its centralized, environmentally controlled manufacturing facility offers a quality standard and testing capability that allows PDC to ship a fully finished, state inspected and state certified building to the customer.

Visit the Videos tab above to see Cassette videos with options including, integrated Caring MR Suite, MRI Doors, Door Frame Waveguides and more.

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    As a manufacturer of MRI LED lighting systems, MRI shielding products and cabinetry, our buildings deliver quality and cost savings unique to site-built projects and typical modular MRI buildings.

    Compared to fixed-site design and construction projects, which can take nine to 12 months or longer for a similar-sized PDC building, you’ll be ready to image approximately four months after signing a purchase order. This process is designed to have you patient-ready in the shortest timeframe possible:

    • Week 1 – Planning, design consultation and meetings. Purchase order signed
    • Week 2-11 – Cassette or Entrée manufacturing by PDC. Foundation planning / construction by local architect / contractor or PDC consultants
    • Week 12 – Cassette or Entrée delivery
    • Week 12 + Day 1 – Installation (1 day)
    • Week 13-15 – MRI system start-up and testing by field service engineer
    • Week 16 – Ready for patients

    The interior and exterior finishes of the Cassette and Entrée buildings can be custom designed to complement or match an existing structure.   A wide variety of building options are available to ensure your suite is compliant with all state building codes, health department regulations and both technician and patient conveniences.

    Contact Bill Maslowski for additional information.

Mini Clinic Buildings

PDC manufactures fully relocatable single diagnostic imaging suite building configurations such as the Cassette® and Entrée® as well as a Mini Clinic that offers both technical imaging space as well as patient support space in a variety of sizes and configurations for MRI, CT, PET/CT and Cath Lab equipment. The Mini Clinic can attach to an existing structure or function as a free-standing imaging clinic.

Visit the Videos tab above to view a time-lapse of Stanford’s Lucille Packard’s Outpatient MRI Center installation.

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    All PDC buildings are IBC Institutional II-A – Hospital Quality, ISO 9000-2008 compliant building featuring UL approved designs and building components to comply with all state health department requirements.  All Cassette and Entrée buildings can be custom designed to match the exterior look of surrounding structures and come with a wide range of interior building finishes, including Caring MR Suite environments.

    Contact Bill Maslowski for additional information.

Relocatable, temporary or permanent modular MRI suite

Caring MR Suite® Cassette® Buildings

Realize all the benefits of the PDC Cassette, with a custom Caring MR Suite. The Caring MR Suite Cassette offers a custom Caring MR Suite interior designed to your specifications to improve patient care, image quality and productivity.

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    Aside from the capabilities of your MRI system and provider care, little more is of greater impact on patient care, image quality and productivity than the MRI environment. Improving patient comfort can lead to less movement during the scan, fewer retakes, higher department productivity and ultimately, higher quality images for greater diagnostic confidence. Learn more about the Caring MR Suite.

    Read about the Cassette in GE SIGNA Pulse of MR.

Kaiser Skyline Mini Clinic

Stanford Mini Clinic

PET/CT Entrée Relocatable Imaging Suite

Entrée Relocatable Imaging Suite with CT and Image Ceiling

Relocatable Imaging Suite

Jeanes Hospital Caring MR Suite Cassette

Jeanes Hospital Caring MR Suite Cassette

UCSD Caring MR Suite Cassette

Caring MR Suite Entrée sans MRI

Caring MR Suite Entrée sans MRI

UCSD Cassette® with Caring MR Suite

UCSD Cassette® with Caring MR Suite

UCSD Cassette® with Caring MR Suite

UCSD Cassette® with Caring MR Suite

UCSD Cassette® Exterior

UCSD Cassette® Exterior

Cassette® Interior

Cassette® Interior

Cassette® Interior

Cassette® Interior

Cassette® Relocatable Imaging Suites Videos

MRI Entree Installation Time Lapse

Sliding MRI RF Door

Relocatable Caring MR Suite Cassette

Cassette Time Lapse Video

RF Door Waveguide

Full Auto MRI RF Door

Semi-Auto MRI RF Door

Caring MR Suite with In-Bore Viewing feature GE SIGNA™ Pioneer

LED lighting solutions for your
MRI Suite

Let PDC light the way with the brightest custom solutions. From LED replacement bulbs, installed in 90 minutes with 3 easy steps, to custom patient-friendly environments, PDC has pioneered systems to meet the demanding requirements for imaging suite productivity, imaging integrity and patient care.

Contact us for all of your MRI facility needs.

Since 1982, PDC has specialized in superior products for MRI suites. We personalize the MRI experience with nature themes, lighting and music with a tap of the iPad. Our staff of experienced consultants provides you with the best construction solutions to complete your next project.