Five Years. 100+ Caring MR Suites!

By September 19, 2016Featured Sites

We are proud to share we’ve completed 100+ Caring MR Suites worldwide!

To celebrate, we are featuring every Caring MR Suite in order on our road to 100+ Caring MR Suites both here and on our Facebook page. View previous Facebook features with our #100DaysofCaringMRSuites hashtag, and let us know what you think!

As many fine things do, our Caring MR Suite just keeps getting better with age. This year, we’ve added 4K video displays, MRI in-bore viewing – and now Caring Suites for all GE Healthcare modalities and general healthcare spaces.

And for our 100+ Caring MR Suite teams? We have a special surprise.  Learn more about our Caring MR Suite Theme Contest here!