MRI RF Shielding

Seamlessly, confidently and quickly shield any MRI project.

MRI Shielding
Invest in image quality.

Don’t risk image quality, downtime and added project costs with inadequate MRI shielding.

Since MRI hit the commercial market, we’ve partnered with MRI vendors and providers to design and install RF shielding that delivers superior attenuation, long-term performance, rapid installation and ultimately, improved patient care.

With our wide array of shielding products, materials and accessories, we provide custom solutions for each MRI project and have installed more than 3,000 MRI shielded enclosures worldwide since 1984.

MRI RF / EMI & Magnetic Shielding

MRI shielding requirements are not all the same. With each enclosure/MRI project, we identify the shielding material and installation technique to provide optimal long-term shielding performance.

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    We offer a variety of shielding systems along with the engineering experience to select the optimal shield for each unique installation.

    • Architectural shielded enclosures
    • Soldered copper shielded enclosures
    • Non-oxidizing aluminum shielded enclosures
    • Galvanized panel shielded enclosures
    • Magnetic steel shielding

    Contact Matt Boesel for assistance siting and shielding your MRI system.


RF Electrical Filters

All wiring, including electrical, data and control communications, entering or leaving the RF shielded enclosure must pass through an RF electrical filter to prevent radio frequency (RF) signals from entering or leaving the RF shielded enclosure.

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    RF electrical filters are available in many different sizes and configurations to accommodate all different types of penetrations. PDC will assess the penetration properties and recommend the appropriate RF filter.

Architectural Shielded Enclosures

Confidently shield any project in as little as 4 days. PDC’s Architectural nickel/copper RF shielding material provides exceptional attenuation, flexibility and unique long-term performance at a lower cost than panel shielding.

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    Meets or exceeds all MRI vendors’ RF attenuation specifications

    Download the Attenuation Chart

    Installs directly over inside wall surfaces

    Requires minimal wall space – conserving valuable floor space compared to panel-type shielding

    Conforms to room shape – corners, soffits, sloped ceilings, without significant additional cost

    Accommodates last-minute site-driven room changes – without additional costs and delays

    Eliminates rigid panels – eliminating large on-site dedicated storage areas to facilitate installation

    Eliminates risk of RF leaks at panel-joint failure – associated with panel-type shielded enclosures

    Provides long-term conductivity – with non-oxidizing nickel-coated copper material

    Resists oxidation and corrosionDownload the Accelerated 20-Year Cycle Test Results.

    Reduces installation time – four days for a typical MRI scan room

    Reduces product and installation cost – compared with panel-shielding


RF Honeycomb HVAC Waveguides

Honeycomb waveguides can be manufactured to fit any size HVAC duct. The waveguides are manufactured from 1″ thick brass honeycomb with 3/16″ diameter cells to ensure superior shielding effectiveness, minimal air flow resistance and pressure drop.

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    Solid brass frames are continuously soldered to the honeycomb to ensure long- term shielding effectiveness and reliability. Exceptional for pressure relief penetrations. PDC manufactures waveguides to custom fit each duct penetration.

MRI RF Shielded Doors

Trouble-free and leak-free. PDC designs and manufactures custom and standard-size automatic and semi-automatic RF doors to provide excellent RF attenuation, noise reduction and ease of use for MRI suites.

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    PDC’s versatile Automatic MRI RF Door* is a reliable, trouble-free solution for MRI room access.

    *Patent: US 7,448,165 B2

    Features and Benefits
    The PDC Automatic MRI RF Door effortlessly opens and closes with a single touch of the door actuator. Download the MRI RF Door data sheet.

    • No lost scan time – The door can be operated manually at all times, even without power or compressed air
    • RF door gasket seal – Acoustical Gasket Material resists oxidation and eliminates RF leakage
    • Maintenance – Gasket replacement and door maintenance is easily performed by the customer’s maintenance staff
    • Automatic latching system* – Provides uniform RF seal around door frame
    • Non-oxidizing – Higher sustained RF attenuation levels at the door
    • Acoustical properties – STC-rated for reduced MRI noise transmissions
    • Attenuation performance – Provides more than 100dB attenuation between 25 and 300 MHz
    • Custom doors – Custom door and frame designs are available for higher frequency attenuation
    • Security switch – Key-activated power switch for safety lockouts
    • Manual override – Immediate manual access to the shielded enclosure at all times.

    Contact Matt Boesel for additional information.



RF Tubular Waveguides

Tubular waveguides are a cost-effective option for HVAC penetrations. All seams and flanges are fully welded to ensure shielding effectiveness. Tubular waveguides are also used for Cryogen vents and as pass-through access into RF enclosures.

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    Available in aluminum, copper or stainless steel with diameters up to 14″ depending on the application. PDC manufactures all waveguides to meet the requirements of the specific application.


Integral RF Door Pass Through Waveguide

Never disconnect a patient again for an MRI scan. Safely transport critical care infants in and out of the MRI scan room without disconnecting and reconnecting IV and diagnostic monitoring lines with PDC’s RF Door Frame Waveguide. *Patent: US 8,087,203 B2


RF Plumbing Waveguides

Plumbing waveguides allow plumbing services to enter and leave the RF enclosure. Plumbing waveguides are used for fire protection, medical gas or general plumbing service penetrations.


RF Shielded Service Penetrations

Precautions must be taken to accommodate ancillary equipment and utilities used within, or to service the MRI suite. PDC manufactures custom RF components to allow these systems to penetrate the RF enclosure while maintaining the integrity of the RF shielding.


RF Door Waveguides

Integral to the RF door frame, this waveguide eliminates the need to disconnect critical patient IV’s and monitoring equipment to transport the patient into the scan room. The waveguide opens, allowing the IV and monitoring lines to be placed into the waveguide. *patent pending


Magnetic Steel Shielding

Custom designed and installed steel shielding reduces the magnetic fringe field when required for safety purposes or to eliminate the possibility of adverse effects to other equipment. PDC will assist with the design and specification of the magnetic shield and provide a detailed bid for the installation.

Contact Matt Boesel for more information or assistance design and specifications.


RF Shielded Windows

PDC RF shielded windows are built-to-size based on your needs and provide exceptional visibility from both sides of the screen. Windows can be manufactured as stand-alone units for patient and technician viewing, or as complete exterior RF window assemblies to precisely align with the building’s existing exterior window system.

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    Key Features:

    • Highly conductive and corrosion-resistant tin-plated RF screen and frame material
    • Fully soldered system for long-term RF attenuation
    • 1/4” tempered glass fixed to each side of RF screen
    • Meets or exceeds all MRI manufacturers RF attenuation requirements
    • Acoustic STC rated assemblies available
    • Custom manufactured to size based upon architectural requirements

    All windows are available with acoustical noise reduction glazing options.

    Contact Matt Boesel for additional information.


Intermountain Cedar City Caring MR Suite

Intermountain Cedar City Caring MR Suite

Intermountain Cedar City Caring MR Suite

Intermountain Cedar City Caring MR Suite

Intermountain Cedar City Caring MR Suite

Hendrick Medical Center CT Caring Suite

Hendrick Medical Center CT Caring Suite

Caring MR Suite

Caring MR Suite

Affinity St. Elizabeth Caring MR Suite with PVD

Affinity St. Elizabeth Caring MR Suite with PVD

Affinity St. Elizabeth Caring MR Suite

MRI RF Shielding Videos

Cassette Timelapse Video

Caring MR Suite with In-Bore Viewing

RF Door Waveguide

Full Auto MRI RF Door

Semi-Auto MRI RF Door

Caring MR Suite Theme Transitions

Caring MR Suite Theme Transitions

Caring MR Suite with In-Bore Viewing

Caring MR Suite with In-Bore Viewing feature GE SIGNA™ Pioneer

Technical Documents Available for Download

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