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From LED replacement bulbs, installed in 90 minutes with 3 easy steps, to custom patient experience lighting installations, PDC has pioneered systems to meet the most demanding requirements for imaging suite productivity, imaging integrity and exceptional patient care.

LED Lighting Systems

Replacement LED Lighting Systems
90 Minutes. Easy as 1,2,3.
Quickly, easily and cost-effectively convert most existing imaging suite light fixtures from incandescent to LED lighting with PDC’s low voltage DC LED Replacement Bulb System.

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    Just 3 easy steps take about 90 minutes – eliminating construction, magnet ramp-down, lost productivity and costly LED fixtures. Tested and proven compliant with MRI EMI requirements.

    • Eliminates lost imaging time
    • Eliminates added construction costs
    • Eliminates lighting artifacts
    • Reduces energy costs
    • Tested in GE Healthcare MRI suites
    • 3 year warranty
    • ETL listed
    • Easy, 90-minute, 3-step process:

    1: Install PDC’s DC lighting controller in MRI equipment room

    2: Remove incandescent bulbs from fixtures in MRI scan room

    3: Install PDC LED Replacement Bulb into existing incandescent light fixturePDC technicians will install the LED Replacement System, or PDC’s engineering support team will guide your maintenance personnel through the replacement process.

    Contact Matt Boesel for additional information.

LED Illuminated Wall Panels

Illuminated Wall Panels bring additional light and warmth to any healthcare space and feature the Caring MR Suite bamboo imagery or a custom image, lit up by warm white or your patient’s chosen lighting color.
See Data Sheet in Technical Documents tab.

LED Lighting for New MRI installations

The lighting system in your MRI suite is critical to image quality and productivity. PDC’s innovative low voltage DC LED Lighting System is designed to improve image quality, eliminate artifacts and reduce costs. See Data Sheets for LED Data Sheet and Fixture Data Sheet in Technical Documents tab.

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    Unlike other systems on the market PDC’s LED Lighting System uses an LED bulb in a conventional non-ferrous light fixture. Purchase the lighting fixture of your choice and simply install a PDC LED Bulb.

    PDC’s LED system can accommodate up to 20 fixtures on the same circuit, eliminating the need to purchase additional RF electrical filters as with conventional LED fixtures. Thoroughly tested during MRI image acquisition, the PDC system meets all MRI RF emission requirements and is ETL listed.

    With a 3 year warranty, PDC offers one of the industry’s most cost-effective LED lighting systems to meet all MRI installation requirements.

    Contact Matt Boesel for engineering support and product data sheets.

LED RGB Cove Lighting

The Caring MR Suite’s LED RGB Curved Cove Lighting reflects the “Caring Hands” design of the GE MR Wide Bore Series and illuminates the Caring MR Suite with the patient’s favorite color. See Data Sheets for Cove Fixture and Light Strip in Technical Documents tab.


LED Illuminated Image Ceilings and Windows

Illuminated Image Ceilings and Windows light up any space with your choice nature image, warm white LEDs or your patient’s favorite color.  Contact us to choose from our library of original HD nature images or request a custom image – even a custom location. LED lighting options include warm white and color-changing RGB, with or without Touch Control integration.

LED Directional Task Lights

Our LED Directional Task Lights are a favorite among technologists, ensuring proper procedural lighting on the MRI table. See Data Sheets for Fixture, LED Bulb and Task Lights in Technical Documents tab.


LED Lighting Videos

Relocatable Caring MR Suite Cassette

Cassette Timelapse Video

Caring MR Suite with In-Bore Viewing

RF Door Waveguide

Full Auto MRI RF Door

Semi-Auto MRI RF Door

Caring MR Suite Theme Transitions

Caring MR Suite Theme Transitions

Caring MR Suite with In-Bore Viewing

Caring MR Suite with In-Bore Viewing feature GE SIGNA™ Pioneer

Custom Patient Experience Lighting Projects

Have a special project in mind? Let us know! We’re happy to collaborate with your team to design your ideal lighting installation project.

Contact us for all of your MRI facility needs.

Since 1982, PDC has specialized in superior products for MRI suites. We personalize the MRI experience with nature themes, lighting and music with a tap of the iPad. Our staff of experienced consultants provides you with the best construction solutions to complete your next project.