Frequency Asked Questions

At PDC, we strive to provide clear answers to your most pressing questions. We understand that the environment you design is critical in providing quality healthcare and a better patient experience. That’s why we offer innovative solutions and time tested products to meet your most stringent specifications.

Caring MR Suite® FAQs

What is the Caring MR Suite?

The Caring MR Suite is an MRI suite that allows patients and caregivers to instantly personalize the suite’s Nature Theme video, lighting hue and music to help patients feel more relaxed and in control.

How is the Caring MR Suite setup?

The Caring MR Suite features a 70in HD Ceiling Video Display mounted above the patient table for viewing Theme videos or movies while outside the MRI bore. Illuminated Image Panels and colored LED lighting coves feature the patient’s chosen lighting hue. Surround sound speakers offer exceptional sound quality. Music is also integrated with Magnacoustics for patients to listen to their choice music with headphones.

What do the Nature Themes consist of?

Nature Themes feature original HD nature video created specifically for patients. Themes are paired with soothing music and a lighting hue that can be easily personalized. Patients can request a music style or bring in music on a compatible smart phone, MP3 player or CD.


Caring MR Suite + GE MRI?

The Caring MR Suite is paired with GE MRI systems featuring enhanced patient comfort features including, but not limited to, a 70cm wide bore, feet-first imaging capabilities and a more comfortable patient table.

How do patients choose a Theme?

Theme selection process varies by site and is chosen by the care team.  Many teams find success using a Theme Choice handout.  Here, patients can use a supplied, laminated Theme Choice handout during the check-in process to easily select their Nature Theme, lighting hue and music genre. This method of pre-selecting Theme options in the waiting area gives patients the benefits of personalization, while ensuring an effortless, efficient selection process for caregivers.

For technologists, a couple taps of the iPad activate the patient’s Theme choices.

What are the benefits of the Caring MR Suite?

Caring MR Suite users report improved patient experience and less need for sedation, less failed scans and less patient movement during a scan. This study finds the potential cost of patient motion to be $115,000 per scanner per year.

Survey Results indicate 94% of patients report an “Excellent” experience. Furthermore, 100% of patients who report high MRI anxiety would “Highly Recommend” the Caring MR Suite experience.

How does the Caring MR Suite help patients relax?

The following features play a large role in the Caring MR Suite’s ability to help patients feel more relaxed

  1. Control – to ease anxiety
  2. Personalization – to fit moods and preferences
  3. Nature imagery – to calm and help patients heal more quickly, with less medication
  4. Choice – to enhance positive sensory absorption
  5. Positive Distraction – Studies find just 2 minutes of positive distraction is sufficient to turn the tide of negativity in a positive direction.

Who is the Caring MR Suite for?

The Caring MR Suite is for all MRI patients; however, the suite has been shown to specifically help patients who experience anxiety with MRI.  Several Caring MR Suite sites have reported that patients who have not been able to tolerate a standard MRI suite, have had a successful scan with the Caring MR Suite.

Will patients be able to watch the Nature Theme video during their scan?

For procedures where the patient’s head is outside the bore, patients will be able to watch the Nature Theme video for the entirety of the scan.  For those patients whose heads will be in the bore during the duration of their scan, they will be able to enjoy the Theme during setup and any IV procedures.  Patients will also be able to enjoy their choice music genre during the scan using headphones.

How many Caring MR Suites are there?

The Caring MR Suite was jointly developed and launched with GE Healthcare at RSNA 2011.  Today, there are more than 100 Caring MR Suites installed and in development worldwide, including suites in Rotterdam, the Cayman Islands, Dubai and Ireland.

Can patients bring in their own music?

Yes, patients can bring in music on any compatible music playing device, including smart phones, MP3 players and CDs. Patients can also request a music genre.

What makes the Caring MR Suite different?

The Caring MR Suite is the first MRI suite to be able to offer a Ceiling Video Display and the power to truly personalize the suite’s video, lighting and music.

Cassette® FAQs

Are the Cassette and Entrée suites modular buildings?

Both the Cassette and Entrée are fully finished, fully relocatable “institutional-quality” buildings that can be used as permanent or temporary structures and later sold or relocated elsewhere. Both are GE performance tested and certified. Both can be leased or purchased to suit each individual customer’s needs.

What is GE Certification?

An exclusive building-design review process followed by a stringent building-testing program to verify compliance with all GE equipment requirements. GE engineers worked collaboratively with PDC to design the optimal relocatable imaging environments called the Cassette and Entrée buildings. These buildings are manufactured under a strict Quality Management System audited by GE to ensure continuous quality compliance.

How soon can a Cassette be built, delivered, installed and ready for patients?

Cassette manufacturing takes approximately 12 weeks. Installation takes only a day. Since the MRI system is installed during construction, magnet ramp-up and testing takes another two to three weeks. In all, you can be ready to scan your first patient in approximately 4 weeks.

Why would we choose a Cassette over a modular building or before our new construction is completed?

Speed, simplicity and performance. Choosing a Cassette eliminates lengthy design meetings, long construction schedules, mediating claims for forgotten work, negotiating change orders and waiting for the MR system to be delivered, installed and readied for scanning. With the Cassette you can be scanning and generating revenue long before your building program would have been completed.

How does the Cassette installation schedule compare with that for a fixed site?

With a Cassette, you can plan on being ready to image four months after signing the purchase order. A fixed site project can take nine to 12 months, or even longer.

What foundation is required?

PDC provides a Site Planning Guide for the foundation and can collaborate with your consultants and designers. Or PDC will design and construct the foundation.

Can I add a Caring MR Suite and Portable Video Display?

Yes. Please visit our Portfolio page to view photos of Cassettes and Entrees with Caring MR Suites.

MRI RF Shielding FAQs

Why choose PDC RF Shielding over other shielding vendors?

Exceptional attenuation, design flexibility, unique long-term performance – installed in as little as 4 days.  Plus, seamlessly and confidently add a Caring MR Suite or our other patient experience products. Visit our RF Shielding page to learn more.