MRI Shielding Door Frame Waveguide

12 Ways to the Best MRI Shielding & MRI Experience

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Often, the shiny new MRI systems and Caring Suites of the world get all of the glory.  This post goes out to MRI’s unsung and unseen hero, without which, your MRI system and Caring Suite could not succeed: your MRI Shielding.

With all the time, effort and thought put into choosing your MR system and suite design, we’d like to help make choosing your MRI Shielding a little easier.

So, why choose PDC MRI Shielding?

  1. Superior Attenuation: Meet or exceed all MRI vendors’ RF attenuation specifications. Download the Attenuation Chart
  2. Longterm Performance: Eliminate risks of RF leaks at panel-joint failures. Resist oxidation and corrosion and ensure long-term conductivity. Download the Accelerated 20-Year Cycle Test Results.
  3. Rapid Installation: Complete in as little as 4 days.
  4. Design Flexibility: Lightweight, flexible MRI RF Shielding installs directly over inside wall surfaces requiring minimal wall space and conserving valuable floor space compared to panel-type RF Shielding. Corners, soffits, sloped ceilings? Easily shielded without significant additional cost. Last minute design changes? Easily accommodated, without additional costs and delays.
  5. More Time & Cost Savings: Reduce product and installation cost compared with panel-type MRI shielding. Eliminate large storage areas and related hassle.
  6. Our Technicians: The true stars of the show. We pride ourselves in having what we consider to be the best MRI Shielding team and service in the business, with many RF technicians having been with PDC’s MRI Shielding team for 10+ years. Hear from our customers
  7. MRI RF Doors: Fingerless, leak-free, trouble-free MRI doors are another source of pride, and they keep getting better. Auto, semi-auto, all-glass, conventional, touch-controlled and with or without our Door Frame Waveguide – take your pick. See our collection of MRI Doors in action.
  8. The Caring MR Suite: Looking to improve your MRI experience?  Seamlessly add on a Caring MR Suite or custom patient experience options to offer what we strive to make the best patient MRI experience available.
  9. MRI LED Lighting: Say goodbye to artifact-inducing incandescent bulbs and hello to the our MRI LED light bulbs, installed in as little as 90 minutes and 3 simple steps.
  10. All the Best New Extras:  We are always innovating, striving to offer the best MRI solutions available. See what’s coming in 2018
  11. Plus the All-Time Hits: Can’t wait to start scanning?  Check out our relocatable Cassette and Entrée suite buildings, built at PDC, delivered, installed and patient-ready in as little as 4 months.
  12. Trust: PDC began as a small MRI Shielding company just as MRI was hitting the commercial market. Then and today, our MRI Shielding is at the core of everything MRI we do.

Visit our MRI Shielding page and Portfolio to learn more. Questions? Contact Matt Boesel

PDC has been great to work with, listening to ideas for improvement, and acting quickly to make them reality. Patients love the room, and even the technologists have commented on how much more relaxed they are at work…I really appreciate all you guys do to work with us. You are truly the definition of customer service.”

– Gregg Stout – Dixie Regional Medical Center, Imaging Systems Manager, Southwest Region


Caring MR Suite returns to RSNA

It’s the best time of the (imaging) year! (#RSNA17 – it’s here!)

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That’s right, it’s that time of the year again (RSNA) and our team has been hard at work crafting new products to deliver enhanced imaging patient experience, safety and workflow – and a booth to try it all, just for you.

See us in the North Hall Booth 7727 to experience your favorite new Caring MR Suite 4K Nature Theme, LED lighting hue and music.  See how, for the first time, your team or patient’s loved one will no longer be a voice over audio. With our new MRI in-bore visual communication features, your team or patient’s loved one can help coach your patient through their MRI.

Experience how we take care of your team too, ensuring workflow efficiency with artifact-fighting LED light bulbs, injection procedure spotlights and fingerless, effortless auto RF Doors, Door Frame Waveguides and RF Privacy Glass. See how our lightweight, flexible MRI RF Shielding offers design flexibility, long-term performance and speedy installation, at a lower cost than alternative methods.

For our current Caring MR Suite customers, learn how easy it would be to add in-bore viewing, or expand your patient experience to other imaging modalities and healthcare spaces with Virtual Aquariums, Windows, Illuminated Image Ceilings – and ask our team how we can personalize design and Themes just for you.

We can’t wait to meet you at #RSNA17.

*Can’t make the show? Explore our interactive Caring MR Suite and contact us to discuss your needs!